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We know that the sustainability of our blue planet is under threat from humans, through climate change, marine debris, overfishing, and marine habitat destruction. However, we also have a globally increasing population that needs food and energy and is looking to the seas for it. 

How can we balance these apparently competing interests? How can we ensure that we are managing our ocean and coastal resources in a fair and sustainable way? How do we manage conflict in the marine environment? These are the types of questions that I ask in my research.

On this website, I will communicate ideas and project findings from my research. On this site, you will find infographics, videos, and blogs that are drawn from this research for you to read, listen to, and use. You can also access the academic papers directly from this site.


FIELDWORK UPDATE: We are now up in the Circular Head region. We have had a couple of great days chatting to folks about the importance of coastal and marine communities for wellbeing. Wowsers, have we learnt a lot?! For more info on what we have been up to, check out the blog!


NEW PUBLICATION! Blue Governance PhD student Lynnlee Chikudza has just published her first academic publication - all about fish farmers' perceptions of ecolabels. You can find the publication here.


BREAKING NEWS! You can participate in our Marine Community Futures project online from

Monday 17th August. Click here to find out more.


We have finally received approval to get back into the field (in a COVID-safe way of course) to start

undertaking research in North-west Tasmania for the Marine Community Futures project! If you are from King Island or Circular Head and think that the sea and coast are important to your wellbeing, watch out for our online survey which will be open from 17th - 31st August 2020. I will post a link on this website as soon as it opens. We will also be in both regions between 19 and 24 August (Circular Head) and 24 and 27 August (King Island). Watch out for us on the streets!

Hobart, Tasmania | karen.alexander@utas.edu.au | +61 3 6226 4869


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