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We know that the sustainability of our blue planet is under threat from humans, through climate change, marine debris, overfishing, and marine habitat destruction. However, we also have a globally increasing population that needs food and energy and is looking to the seas for it. How can we balance these apparently competing interests? How can we ensure that we are managing our ocean and coastal resources in a fair and sustainable way? How do we manage conflict in the marine environment?


I believe that we must look after the ocean, whilst also making use of the resources it has to offer us. I believe that we can do this by creating marine and coastal ambassadors - in government, in industry, and in society. I help to create these ambassadors by teaching and researching topics such as wellbeing and social impacts as well as management and governance. 

This website will communicate ideas and project findings from my lab's research. On this site, you will find a variety of resources for you to read, listen to, and use. 

I am an advocate for inclusivity, diversity, fair representation, and equal opportunity in academia. I believe education should be for all.

If you want to come and work with Blue Governance Lab, get in touch!


Dr. Karen Alexander,

Assistant Professor Marine Governance and Blue Economy,

Heriot-Watt University


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