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About Maree


In 2019 Maree completed her postgraduate research into the limits and constraints of participatory governance of marine socio-ecological systems, comparing the experience in Canada and Australia.


Her current research includes governance innovations associated with community values, marine planning, and integrated aquaculture governance in Tasmania, Australia. She draws on interpretive policy analysis and participatory social research methods, with a strong commitment to the applied relevance of social research. 

Professionally, Maree has led a number of organisational and program development projects using participatory social research and formative evaluation methodologies. Maree is an experienced facilitator, and skilled in helping executive and leadership teams incorporate social research into business or research strategy. 

Maree has a wealth of experience in non-profit and corporate leadership, governance, and management roles. Her professional experience has included people management, governance, executive strategy, capacity building, and business and organisational development, industry policy development and analysis, research, and evaluation.  He key interests include: 
•    social research, evaluation and project development; 
•    organisational and executive development and strategy;
•    stakeholder and community engagement; and
•    facilitation, planning, and group process design.


Karen and Maree continue to work together on a variety of research manuscripts.

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