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Regional Ecosystem-based Coastal Management

What is it about?

The aspirations of this study are i) to identify the issues arising from the interplay and overlap of the interests and uses of various groups in the coastal and marine systems of Tasmania and ii) to work with the traditional custodians and the myriad stakeholders in the region, to develop a relevant and robust framework to assist resolution of the challenges and/or tensions impeding regional ecosystem-based coastal management.

This study will explore:

  • How government agencies/traditional custodians/stakeholder groups work together (or don’t) to manage the coastal and marine environment;

  • How traditional custodians and stakeholders participate (or don’t) in formal management of the marine environment;

  • Ways in which to address any challenges/tensions revealed

Why is it important?

A key difficulty in implementing marine and coastal ecosystem-based management is management of the challenges and/or tensions which prevent ‘whole of government’ cooperation and political consensus among potentially conflicting groups. 


sectoral interplay.png


The human side of marine ecosystem-based management (EBM): 'Sectoral interplay' as a challenge to implementing EBM

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